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Surrogate Partner Therapy - Edwin
Surrogate Partner Therapy - Terapia de Pareja Sustituta

Valentine’s Day Workshop:  Intimate Empowerment 101

On this day of love, give your self, your friend, or your partner, the gift of intimate empowerment.


We will discuss and practice communication tools that increase your ability to ask for what you need and desire from your partner.  Learn to live more fully in your “yes”, by becoming more secure and clearer in your “no”.  Learn to trust your inner intuition by having clearer boundaries within which to let it guide you.


Saturday, February 14, 2015          9:00 am to 11:00 am          San Antonio, TX          Details:


CEU Workshop:  Surrogate Partner Therapy and Tools for Intimacy - A Hands-On Workshop for Therapists


Practical information for therapists regarding Surrogate Partner Therapy as a therapeutic adjunct to traditional talk therapy.   Participants will learn their role in selecting and referring candidates eligible for this treatment. We will discuss the various roles that the therapist continues to play in the collaboration between the Surrogate Partner, the client and the therapist, and consider pitfalls to avoid between them.  Participants will experience first-hand tools used in Surrogate Partner Therapy, that they may share with their clients including: Permission Giving and Receiving, Body Image Issues, Sensate Focus Exercises, Creativity and Disinhibition. 


Saturday, February 28, 2015          9:00 am to 4:00 pm          Killeen, TX          *Additional Details Coming Soon


Presented in conjunction with Arete Mental Health Counseling



Edwin Tamayo: Surrogate Partner Therapy and Intimacy Coaching

     As someone who experienced childhood sexual violation, I have a lifelong track record of valuing emotional and physical safety in intimacy.  My personal journey in healing from challenges in intimacy, including talk therapy, sex therapy, workshops and support groups, has given me extensive experience, skills and resources, that allow me to "pay it forward" as I help others on their journeys.
     I underwent formal training with the International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA) in 2013 under nationally recognized and trusted experts of Surrogate Partner Therapy.  In addition to ongoing supervision and mentoring through IPSA,  I participate regularly in additional training and professional development through organizations such as the Institute for Mind Body Therapy who also certify body practitioners as adjuncts to traditional talk therapy.  
Surrogate Partner Therapy
Surrogate Partner Therapy
Intimacy Coaching
Intimacy Coaching
Intimacy Educational Workshops
Intimacy Educational Workshops
Surrogate Partner Therapy



Safe, structured, and supported relational experiences for women to overcome limitations in emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy due to fear or pain



Intimacy Coaching


Privately held experiential educational exercises for individuals and couples wishing to expand their capacity for meaningful and enjoyable intimacy



Intimacy Educational Workshops

For everyone:



Group experiential workshops for individuals (partnered or unpartnered) and couples wishing to expand their capacity for meaningful and enjoyable intimacy


For therapists and other professionals:



Group didactic and experiential workshops for professionals interested in Surrogate Partner Therapy and intimacy tools they may share with their clients